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The use of tobacco, alcohol and other drugs, including the misuse of prescription medications may impact health, relationships, and employment. The term substance use disorder is used to describe the dependence on, misuse, abuse or addiction of a substance and is measured on a continuum of mild to severe.

With early identification and education, substance use disorders can be prevented. For individuals with a substance use disorder, treatment resources are available to assist with behavior change. provides individuals access to screening tools, substance use treatment providers, mental health treatment providers, recovery support services, and information and resources related to substance use treatment.

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For individuals searching for treatment resources, provides a list of substance use treatment providers licensed by the Colorado Office of Behavioral Health (OBH). Site users can select specific services and can search for providers by address, county, judicial district, provider name, and license number. For a more in-depth search, site users are encouraged to use the advanced search option to filter searches based on specific criteria, including population served, fees, languages, accessibility and services.

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