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Prevention aims to provide individuals with the tools and resources needed to prevent substance use disorders and mental illness. Rather than wait to address these illnesses after they occur, prevention means supporting the healthy development of people starting at birth and even before birth.

Programs that promote awareness of alcohol use during pregnancy to protect the health of the baby, routine screenings to identify substance use disorders and mental illness, interventions geared toward promoting healthy behavior change, and programs that promote emotional well-being of children, all strive to optimize well-being and promote healthy living.

Substance use/abuse prevention practices, approaches and policies within a community help individuals, families and the community as a whole meet the challenges of life events and transitions, creates, maintains and reinforces conditions that promote healthy behaviors and life choices.

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For individuals in search of prevention providers, provides information on prevention providers who receive funding from the Colorado Office of Behavioral Health (OBH).

Individuals can search for providers by address and provider name to find services based on multiple content areas, including criminal justice, health/mental health, school/education, substance use and youth development.

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