Dedicated to strengthening the health, resiliency and recovery of Coloradans through quality and effective behavioral health prevention, early intervention and treatment service, the Colorado Office of Behavioral Health(OBH) is responsible for a wide array of programs, services and mission-critical functions.

OBH operates with six overarching goals such as to continually improve the quality of prevention, intervention, and treatment services and to enhance knowledge, understanding, and awareness of behavioral health disorders. The creating of supports these important goals for the benefit of all Coloradans. is a referral resource providing easy statewide access to information and services for substance use prevention, treatment and recovery in Colorado.

Understanding that risky substance use affects an individual’s overall health, was created by the Office of Behavioral Health to encourage whole person care, improving the health and changing the lives of Coloradans by quickly connecting healthcare providers and individuals to substance use services. Future expansion will include a full continuum of behavioral health resources such as mental health and recovery support services.

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